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Packers and Movers Bangalore Charges for Home Shifting and Storage

Finding charges of packers and movers in Bangalore for home shifting, vehicle transfer or household storage needs may get tiring and irritating, at times. There are over a hundred movers and packers companies in Bangalore, and one may easily get confused while choosing one. There are no standard pricing for movers and packers services and the rates of relocation companies varies from case to case. And unless you check rates of a few movers and packers in Bangalore, you may not be sure that you are paying the right price for the job, and engaging with the right movers and packers company.

Ideally, when you wish to relocate or avail other services like storage and warehousing, you have to make several calls to find out the competitive rates. Finding and calling movers may take lots of time and who know, when you call, the mover may be driving? All in all, it's a time consuming and complicated thing to do.

We have simplified the way you enquire about rates and hire movers and packers services in Bangalore. Instead of randomly searching and calling movers and packers companies to enquire about rates and charges, you can get detailed itemised quotations from three of the best relocation companies in Bangalore by creating a request for estimates for free.

You can create a request for estimates by submitting the quote request form and receive most competitive quotations from three of the best movers and packers companies in Bangalore. When you have the quotations on the table, you can quickly compare and figure out the best relocation agency for the job. We have pre-screened a handful of movers and packers companies who are well managed and offer end to end moving and relocation services across all localities in Bangalore including, BTM Layout, HSR Layout, Madiwala, Banaswadi, Jayanagar, Indiranagar, JP Nagar, Yeswanthpur and other areas in Bangalore.

Local and Interstate Home Shifting Services in Bangalore

Packers and movers services can be used for both local and intercity home relocation needs. Movers and packers enlisted here, offers end to end household shifting and relocation services. The movers will take care of everything including packing with good quality packing materials, loading, transporting, unloading etc. Once you finalize a movers and packers for the task, they will bring their own packing materials, pack everything to the best of standards, load everything and transport it. In case of long distance move (interstate/intercity), the goods get transported with insurance. The movers and packers will survey your goods, and as per the value declared, they can insure the goods for any damage.

In case of local house shifting within Bangalore, the shifting can be done within a day. But in case of intercity or interstate relocation, depending on the route and distance, it may take up to a week. And if you are wondering about the overall cost of shifting, then you may create a free request for estimate by submitting the estimate request form.

Car Carriers and Transportation Services in Bangalore

If you are relocating to another state and wondering about how to get your car transported then it's sorted. Even if rates of car transportation services doe not usually vary as much, but still, it's a wise idea to check rates with a couple of car relocation companies. There are various types of car carrier trucks, and rates for transportation may vary depending on the carrier and the route. Cars are usually transported using covered container, but open containers are also available for car shipping from Bangalore to rest of India. Cars cannot be shipped in the same truck along with the household materials then it has to be transported using special car carrier trailer or containers. If you are planning to get your car shipped, you can get best price offers for interstate car transportation services in Bangalore by submitting your request right here.

Storage and Warehousing Services Bangalore

Storage and warehousing services in Bangalore can be used for safe and secured storage of all types of household goods in a warehouse. Few of the packers and movers agencies in Bangalore have warehousing facilities where they allow you to store household goods e.g. furniture, home appliances, kitchenware etc. Such warehousing facilities can be used for as long as you wish i.e. from just a couple of months to years.

If you are moving out of Bangalore on a short term work assignment or wish to renovate your home, you can move all of the household goods and articles to the warehouse on nominal monthly fees. Charges are determined based on the volume of goods and duration of storage.

Office Shifting Service in Bangalore

Apart from household moving and storage, movers and packers Bangalore also offer office shifting services. Office shifting services can be used to relocate the office goods within Bangalore or to other cities across India. The movers and packers will do a free survey, prepare the list of inventory to be packed and moved and submit their best price quotations. Rates and charge for office shifting will primarily depend on the number of items and distance. If you are looking for office shifting services in Bangalore and wondering about rates or process, just create a request by submitting the form. You will be contacted by relevant movers and packers who offer office moving service with estimates. Within minutes, you will have quotations from three different agencies that you can compare and choose from.

Answer to FAQs on home shifting and storage in Bangalore

Home shifting is a little complicated and for most of, who is relocating for the first time, it's actually very hard to get it right. The process itself is a little complicated and you may find it hard. I am sure there are many random questions in your mind, from time it would take to how much it would cost and most importantly about the safety of goods.

We have helped over 50K users so far and have worked with over a thousand movers and packers companies across in India. Based on our experience, we are answering some of the most frequently asked questions on home shifting, vehicle transportation and storage services.

Who will do the packing, movers or the user?

The whole idea of using movers service is to ensure that you can relocate safely without any hassles. Packing is the integral part of relocation and it has to be done professionally. Movers and packers will bring their own supplies like foam, bubble wraps, carton, sheets etc and pack all of the items. In case of interstate or long distance shifting, the movers will do multi layer packing, for additional safety. There is no reason to worry about the packing or anything for that matter. Just be prepared, have the items ready (sort out items that is not to be packed, switch off fridge, dry the washing machine etc) and the team of movers will take care of rest of the tasks, including packing.

What are the rates for interstate shifting from Bangalore?

Rates of interstate home shifting from Bangalore will primarily depend on inventory of goods and distance. Also as you know, there are no standard pricing model in the industry, different agencies charge differently and there are a lot of things that comes in to play. For instance, the number of items, declared value of insurance, value added services that you may need, floor of the house (source and destination) and reputation of the relocation company you are dealing with. There are highly rated agencies that may cost double of what another relocation company will quote you for same relocation assignment. The best way to get accurate idea of rates and charges of movers and packers in Bangalore for interstate or long distance move is to request quotes from a couple of agencies. Best part is, movers and packers won't charge you anything to do a survey and quote a price.

How much does it cost for local shifting in Bangalore?

As you know, shifting involves several tasks such as packing, loading, transporting etc and the cost varies based on the items. When you have just a few items, cost will be less, when you have loads of items, cost will be more. It will be unfair to give you any estimate without knowing about the items which is to be packed and moved. But in general, a local shifting of fully furnished, 2 bhk household items, may cost anywhere between 6K to 10K (that's just a rough idea). But it will be safe to assume that the cost of local shifting is not going to be much, because of the shorter distance, cost of transportation will be less and that reduces the overall cost for local shifting, by a significant margin.

How much time does it take to deliver goods?

How much time does it take to relocate depends on the distance. Usually, local shifting can be done within a day, including packing. For interstate relocation, it may take up to a week, depending on the route and distance. Usually, when you have plenty of goods for a full load, it will take less time. In some cases, when you have just a few major items to pack and move, then the shifting will be done on a shared basis. In shared transportation, movers will club the goods of other customers and send it together, or else it won't be a cost effective to book a full truck for just a few items. In such cases, it may take longer.

What are the chances of damage during relocation?

Chances of damage are really very thin, because for movers and packers, it's a daily task. They know the techniques and have the tools to get it right. They do multi layer packing and in some cases, they use wooden crates to pack fragile items. That's the reason; overall cost of shifting and storage services varies. If they compromise in packing, the cost will be less, and when packing is done using best quality, obviously, the cost will be more. But even after taking all the precautions and safety measures, if anything goes wrong, they offer insurance for that.

How does the relocation insurance work?

Insurance is must for domestic and interstate relocation and there are two types of insurance options that the movers will offer. First one is transit insurance which covers risk of damages during transit. It's charged @ 1.5% of declared value of the goods. Second and the most commonly used insurance is the full insurance, which is charged @3% of the declared value of goods and covers all sorts of damage. Apart from the charges of insurance, applicable service tax should be added and clubbed with the overall cost of shifting. When you have insured, you can ask for claims in case of any damage. Make sure to clarify with the movers you are working with about the type of insurance they are offering and process of claims settlement.

What are the charge of household storage and warehousing in Bangalore?

Charges for storage and warehousing services will depend on duration and inventory of goods that you want to store. In order to store your goods safely, the movers will be packing everything and they will charge for the same. Apart from the packing charges and monthly charges for storage, they will charge for moving your goods to and from your house to the warehouse along with applicable taxes.

If you are looking for long term storage solutions, then you better check rates from at least two or three service providers. That way you get better idea and also the power to bargain for a better deal. And in most cases, out of competition, you may end up getting best bargain for storage services.

How do I ensure the safety of goods in the warehouse?

Safety of goods is of highest importance for anyone and this is probably the main concern for anyone planning to avail storage and warehousing services. Warehousing facilities are usually insured through private or nationalized banks. The insurance covers against most of the damages, and it is important for you as a customer to ensure that your goods are insured. And may be, you should ask for the policy document to be sure about the insurance of the facility.

Apart from the insurance, most of the storage and warehousing facilities are guarded and secured against common issues like pests, damp etc. You should always inspect the warehouse, before choosing one and that's the best way to get it right.

What's the process of intercity car transfer from Bangalore?

Process of intercity car transfer is pretty straight forward. A representative of the car carrier will come over to survey your car, and submit the quotation for the car transfer service. If it's intercity (within same state) then there are no hassles of RTO. If it's an interstate car transfer, then there are some formalities to be done with the RTO (obtaining NOC for transfer/registration), which the car carrier usually won't do. But they may connect you to the people who can help you with RTO formalities. Car carrier companies will be responsible to transport your car safely using the car carrier from Bangalore to which ever city you want within India.

How to check credibility of the movers I want to hire?

If you have been looking for packers and movers in Bangalore, I am sure you know there are hundreds of them in Bangalore. Obviously, there is lots of noise and the worst thing to do is to end up with an average, not so professional relocation company. Thankfully, there are a few things you can do to ensure that the movers and packers are above average. Here's what you can do to validate the credibility of the company you are evaluating.

Check for certificates of registration/trade license/service tax certificate/address proof/pan card etc; trust me, checking these documents will help you get rid of many mediocre relocation companies. Packers and movers service involve some risk and that's where the experience and expertise comes into play. When we screen agencies, we check for these documents in most of the cases, unless an agency is referred by an existing movers and packers.

How does this site help in finding and hiring movers in Bangalore?

Whether you are using the movers and packers services for the first time, or you have used the service in the past, I am sure you are looking for better rates and reliable service providers. And since there are no standard pricing for these services, movers get to charge as per the opportunity they get. And since there are so many companies out there, choosing one may not be easy at all.

What we do is, we screen and enlist locally available movers and packers companies and make them compete on every request. When you create a request for estimates, for any of the services, your request get forwarded to three of the best movers and packers in Bangalore who are available. All of them are aware of the competition and hence they keep their prices as competitive as they can.

You get the opportunity to evaluate their prices and choose one that you think suits you better. And all that you have to do is to, submit the quote request, and you get the quotations without the hassles of searching and calling movers randomly.

I have another question, can we speak?

We'll be happy to help you and answer all of your questions and concerns related to packing, shifting and storage of household goods or vehicles. Feel free to call us on: 09831329628